DATE: 25-27 June 2019

LOCATION: THON Hotel Brussels

25-27 June 2019 THON Hotel Brussels

The global rare earth industry association (REIA) first of its kind was born out of a project (GloREIA), funded by EIT Raw Materials GmbH, a European commission sponsored organization.

REIA is in its foundation phase supported by its founding members. The objectives of REIA is to- Develop an integrated, de-risked and sustainable value chain for RE materials by:

  • Developing a well-matched global stakeholder network  
  • Analyzing the potential for sustainable supply chains
  • Finding solutions for optimizing current value chains

REIA will focus on the development of an integrated, de-risked and sustainable value chain for various rare earth material products. The REIA will represent the mutual interests of its united value chain participants, be it stakeholder networking, project research or sustainable sourcing.

The goal of this first general assembly and conference is to facilitate the discussion on sustainable supply and risk diversification options for the conventional supply chain of rare earths. In this context, the use of Life Cycle Assessment, sustainable production and processing technologies, international regulations and new ISO norms will also be addressed.

The presentations and panels featured in this conference provide insight into  the access to clear market information, which should lead to the optimized use of resources, and eventually result in reduced price volatility risks and improved security of supply.

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