REIA Partner Event: MSIT Advanced School Seminar on Rare-Earth Materials & Magnet Technology

DATE: 22 - 23 November 2023

LOCATION: Stuttgart

The 2nd MSIT Advanced School Seminar on Rare-Earth (RE) Materials & Magnet Technology is a unique opportunity for professionals in management and technology to learn about the complete supply chain of magnetic materials: resources of RE ores, mining, concentration, separating and transforming to RE oxides and metals, alloying to magnet powders and processing to all types of magnets.

The seminar will be focused on permanent magnets and the supply of the raw materials. The seminar will start with fundamentals of the RE elements and magnetism, the principals of RE permanent magnets chemistry, thermodynamics, and constitution, same as measurement techniques.  Showing the processes from mine to magnet and recycling is the approach to close the circle for sustainability and environmental protection of Earth. Applications and the future of global markets will be shown, as well as new opportunities of global sourcing.

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