Graphic charter

Best Practice for Sustainable Rare Earth Supply

This page provides some recommendations and resources for those who want to create REIA digital media that are consistent with the brand image.


The official REIA font ‘Salvia Sans’ shall be used on all digital supports.

Salvia Sans semibold, with a size greater than text should be used for the titles and subtitles.

Salvia Sans regular should be used for the text.


The two main colours that shall be used for titles, highlights, subtitles, etc. are the following :

These colours shall appear on official REIA support and be the most used. Below are accompanying colours for graphic details, data visualisation,… :


The REIA colour logo shall not be used on dark backgrounds. When the support is not white, a transparent version shall be used accordingly to the background colour, as shown below :

The round logo shall not be used without ‘REIA’ text except when the geometric properties of the support require it.

The different versions of the logo are available for download below :


It is preferable to use high quality illustrations and, where possible, to mention somewhere the author of the photo (e.g. in a brief, next to the date and the author of the brief). Here are some sites offering free high definition illustrations :

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